Elshadai Public Health Training and Technical Support

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Elshadai Public Health Training and Technical Support

Elshadai Public Health Training and Technical Support is to aiming to build the capacity of organizations, communities, and systems to improve health and well-being locally, nationally and internationally. As an expert in translating research to practice we use our scientific training and strong analytic skills to inform community-based implementation of evidence-based practices in health services planning and programming. It is project-oriented, implementation-oriented, and results driven.

The PLC consists of experts in diverse areas of health, including strategic planning, promotion & training on evidence-based practices, evaluation, assessment, project management, health policy, design & implementation of public health programs, training & technical assistance, and public health emergency preparedness. The expert is highly skilled in the planning, development, facilitation and implementation of various projects and programs as well as concluding statistical analyses.

The experts have also over 13 years cumulative experience not only in building capacity of health care providers but also application of public health initiatives, adaptation and development of guidelines and training manuals in the area of child health and nutrition, conducting and overseeing studies/surveys related to public health.

Our work includes:

 Needs assessments/Situational analysis: including community capacity assessment and strengthening health system

 Strategic planning involving coalition- and consensus building across diverse partnerships including government departments, foundations, providers and consumers related to public health issues in response to the finding from needs assessment/situational analysis

 Project management and programming: innovate projects and strategies to address complex community and health care needs in particular for child survival and Development

 Monitoring and Evaluation development of systems for data collection tracking. Evaluate the effectiveness of programs, organizations and initiatives, including the development of indicators, benchmarks, and logic models based on theory of change principles

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